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Welcome to EU-Advice

At EU-Advice, we know what is going on at European and national level and the translation is made as to what the consequences could be for your company or public body.

EU-Advice offers solutions by using a sustainable approach. You can come to us for project management, applying for funding, advice on lobby strategies, presentations and workshops. We help you to get a clear picture of European developments and advise you on how to respond to these developments. This might be about influencing policy making at the European level as well as national labour policy and funding.





T: 06 193 08 065

Project Management

We manage projects within organisations and coordinate cooperation between different parties in order to reach a common goal.

Municipality of Leiden: setting up of a project for regional cooperation within the ‘Triple Helix’ to provide guidance to young people looking for a job.


We advise you on European as well as national lobby strategies. How can you transform your points of view into a lobby dossier and a proactive strategy to realise these points? Which actors do you have to consult with? These are the questions we answer for you, after which we will carry out the strategy.

Dutch Landscaping and Gardening Contractors Association (VHG): advice on how the VHG can promote the concept of The Living Garden at European level and how it can join European funding programmes.


We are aware of the European and national funding programmes. Therefore we can provide you with a good advice on how your project might be eligible for funding and we can do the application for you.

Reintegration agency Staatvandienst: joining several Sector Plans for the reintegration agency Staatvandienst.

Presentations/workshops and work visits Brussels

We give presentations on a regular basis, about policy developments, funding possibilities and regional cooperation. Moreover we organise work visits to Brussels.

Municipality of Súdwest-Fryslân: presentation and workshops on the possibilities of European funding and how to apply for these funds.

Dutch Association of Public Libraries: breakfast session in Brussels with MEPs and other relevant stakeholders.